Case Study for Monetized Beacon Deployment in China

24,694 vouchers are claimed and 20,562 (>83%) of them are redeemed. The related sales amount is more than $16 million US dollar (>100 million RMB). This is business »

Beacon Signal Performance, Configuration and Measure

Beacon is a small Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device which keeps broadcasting Bluetooth signal. Beacon signal setting is one of the most important deployment configuration in live environment. It will »

Choose Right Battery for your Beacon

---Magic of Beacon Battery Life In enterprise Beacon deployment environment, in general, Beacon maintenance cost is higher than Beacon price. Right choice of battery type for your Beacon could save »

iBeacon Battery Management Challenges and Sensoro Solution

In general, iBeacons are powered by battery or USB. The battery powered Beacon is more popular as it is flexibility to be deployed. The common ibeacons batteries are coin battery »

iBeacon hardware Key Performance Indicators and how to choose right iBeacon

iBeacon is becoming more and more popular. There are tons of Beacon providers and 100+ iBeacon hardware in the market. To select right iBeacon hardware is important for iBeacon project »